Allies in America

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

MIT's mission is to educate students in science, technology and other areas of interest for the XXI century world.

ION Technologies

Knowledge company, dedicated to offer engineering solutions, characterized by a high technological level and respect towards environment.

ConConcreto is a service company, dedicated to building and Infrastructure projects developments, in order to transform physical environment generating progress, on a balanced benefit for the community, clients, employees and suppliers.
Grupo Monarca
It is a private organization, integrated by engineering professionals and people committed towards an integral development in the communities where construction projects are arising, oriented to improve life quality of whom is acquiring properties, as those that may share spaces for neighborhood, working or rooming reasons.
Over the years, Convel has executed designs, constructions and monitoring of a very large amount of projects.
The Colombian Institute for Science and Technology Development, Francisco José de Caldas– Colciencias, is a national public entity, seconded to the National Planning Department, DNP, with legal personality, administrative autonomy and independent patrimony.


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