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SOLINTEL offers a great variety of technologic services oriented to the business, adapted to the necessities of each client, and based in modules that have been developed during the last 20 years. Only the right alignment between technologies and business strategies will guarantee the creation of value through more efficient production systems or new business opportunities. A sample of it, is the strategy followed by the company to invest over the 50% of its profits in R&D.

SOLINTEL offers specialized consulting in the design and develop of technology implementation plans ensuring the results for the company. The guarantee of success in our solutions is based on:

- The application of processes analysis tools developed during its years of experience in business management.

- The creativity of the given solutions, based on original production processes and new business models.

- Knowledge of the markets and the most international advanced technologies with proven business results.

- Its performing area covers Europe and Latin-America in sectors like construction, agriculture, transportation and global environment.


Edificio PAYMA
Avda. de la Industria 32, EP-2
28108 Alcobendas (Madrid)
Tlf. + 34 91 229 13 68
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